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JOHN Kaiman Storm Recovery Update

October 17, 2014 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning’s speaker was NY Rising Director Jon Kaiman. His opening remarks noted that hurricane Sandy was a once in a hundred year event or one we could see again in a year.


The point being this is not an event we usually plan for. On the other hand we can make our structures more resilient to all kinds of disasters.


He noted that the rest of the country was reluctant to make funds available despite the fact that this region has always been forthcoming in helping other regions and we are a net exporter of funds to the federal government.


Mr. Kaiman has been dealing with angry people that feel resentful which may not be fair since the payments are difficult to administer when the integration on private insurance, National Flood Insurance and uninsured properties all have to be coordinated as well as investigated. And in some cases engineering studies have to be completed.


Essentially the federal government has no legal obligation to pay anybody and according to Kaiman they are doing a good job for most people, the question of directing some of those funds to women and minority owned businesses came up. Kaiman recognized that was an area that they could have done better.

Eligibility was discussed as well and the fact that of the matter is that not everybody qualifies. Primary residences and small businesses including rental homes are the losses that are being addressed.   


What Kaiman faced at LIMBA was an audience that was seeking information. It appeared that he was expecting some hostility and that manifested itself in Jon being a little defensive.


Nevertheless the LIMBA audience understood the frustration he has been experienced while trying to do his job.


Ernie Fazio


Staff members assisting today were Ken Nevor, Michelle Marie Zere and Marguerite Moore.