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John Gomez Candidate for Congress 2nd District

September 24, 2010 @ 12:00 am EDT


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John Gomez is a man I knew when we both had a radio program on the same station, and we enjoyed the back and forth when spoke to each other at the station. His program was political in nature and his message was conservative.
Today John began be stating that he was a Reagan Conservative (during the Q&A I reminded him that Reagan honed his political skills as a labor union president, and was a skilled negotiator and often compromised)

Gomez’s message was limited government. John believes that healthcare reform is no job for government. Cap & Trade is an economic negative, and Bush tax structure forever. No estate tax was another of his issues and stated that we are in the midst of a transformation to a European socialism.
All of this came across as the bumper sticker simplicity that has dominated politics for at least 20 years but it is more acute today.
During the Q&A I took John to task on several of those points. In this short session we really did not get the feeling that he had any real solutions that would put people to work, When asked by a representative of Long Island Contractors Association if he supported the gas tax to build roads. He agreed with that tax. Then the rep pointed out that while mileage has increased and gallons used has decreased. Shouldn’t we have an indexed gas tax to pay for that infrastructure? No! was the answer. That is a contradiction, but nobody pursued that point.  Ernie Fazio