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James Dermody, Pres, LIRR

March 5, 2004 @ 12:00 am EST


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One of the questions that were posed to Mr. Dermody concerned the proposed rail yards that will be required to improve service to NYC. This proposal has generated some controversy with residents close to the proposed yards.

Backround: Presently billions of dollars are being invested in creating an east side access to Manhattan by having LIRR trains come into Grand Central Terminal. This access will be using a new tunnel that was built years ago and never used. Now the connecting routes are being funded and the LIRR will have to make infrastructure investments in yard storage to take full advantage of this tunnel.

Here is LIMBA’s position on the yards. These yards will facilitate service that will aid in improving the attractiveness of rail use with a corresponding reduction of passenger cars on the roads. These are electric train yards and air pollution is not an issue. On the other hand continued increases in the use of private cars does raise an air quality issue. Therefore the communities that are involved and the LIRR will have to find out what is necessary to install these yards without having a large negative impact on the surrounding community.

There were, of course, many other questions including questions from the rail freight president Fred Krebs, IBEW president Ralph Ranghelli, LIMBA Transportation Committee John Howell, Mark Serotoff and several others. Mr. Dermody fielded them all.