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Islip Supv Tom Croci- descussing The Free Trade Zone

September 26, 2014 @ 12:00 am EDT


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LIMBA speaker this morning was Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci. Mr. Croci began be expressing the notion of good government is borne out of a workable philosophy. Tom chose to use his experience in Afghanistan to make his point.


He told a story of meeting an enterprising youth that was selling cheap knock-off knives from Pakistan when on an earlier tour of duty. He purchased one of his $5 knives. When he returned years later he came across the same person, now a grown man. The Afghan man was now a millionaire and he explained the transformation by the fact that the Taliban was no longer frustrating the will of the people. The way that Croci explained it, the government was no longer in the way of someone determined to succeed.


When asked about his own style in running town government, he went a little further. Empower people who want to help, was essentially his message. On the other hand you need to upset an established culture if it is not succeeding.


When discussing Long Island’s ability to compete he enumerated several problems, namely taxes, and energy costs. But we can compete in terms of quality educated people with any region. He pointed out that there are pockets of wealth such as the Hamptons and much of Long Island’ North Shore that tells you we have something going for us.


During Q&A he addressed the tax cap which he thought was a good idea because it was supposed to include mandate relief, but it didn’t.


Mr. Croci is a man that comes across as a problem solver, and at the end of the meeting that was the consensus opinion.


Ernie Fazio


Michelle Zere asked LIMBA to put on this program and we thank her. Our staff people Annette Krauss and Ken Nevor. Ken Nevor’s efforts calling people to remind them of the meeting helped fill the room. Thanks


Bill Miller is now with Gold Coast Bank and we all congratulate him.  


We thank our sponsors Covanta Energy and The Islip Free Trade Zone . They each had an important message on how they serve the community