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Holiday Party

December 9, 2005 @ 12:00 am EST


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Today’s meeting of LIMBA was a celebration of the holidays. Many old friends responded to the Holiday Gathering invitation. The entertainment was provided by the multi instumented Larry Siegel, and an old favorite, Jim Graseck on his violin. Jim has earned the nickname as the “Victor Borge of the violin” and they both delighted the audience. Larry with his humorous songs and Jim with his running monologue as he played beautifully executed pieces on the violin, and really connected with an appreciative audience. The entertainers even indulged me, by asking me to sing a few songs.


The Hilton Garden was at its best, Bill Armstong and his staff were great and the room was decorated in a  festive holiday tradition. Many thanks ti Bill, Therese, and the rest of the Hilton Garden staff.


We were able to provide a very well received event at a reasonable cost because our sponsors offset our extra costs. Our sponsors for the event were Terry Townsend, Kelly Gutradt-The Tuttle Agency, Vincent Frigeria-Keyspan, Joy Munro-AFLAC, and Froydis Cameron-Broadwater. Thanks to all.


Next week we will have an interesting presentation on a major development project being promoted by Charles Wang. It’s called the Lighthouse, and it is dramatic. I’ll Have more on that next week. Meanwhile, have a nice weekend.


Ernie Fazio