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Holiday Party Breakfast

December 12, 2008 @ 12:00 am EST


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Jim Graseck demonstrated his highly trained abilities with the violin. He played traditional music of the season and some other works. With Jim it’s not just about playing superbly, but connecting to the audience. His ability to speak to the audience in humorous exchanges while playing intricate pieces has earned him the moniker  “The Victor Borge of the Violin”


Jim was there early and played for the guests as they found their friends and seating. Then he played an opening set of songs and fun exchanges with the audience.


Vince Dantona is a remarkably witty ventriloquist with a dummy named George. He did about 30 minutes of tailored routine. I gave him a list of people I knew would attend and something personal about them. That gave Vince a place to start from. While speaking to the audience, if anybody threw Vince a curve by saying something unexpected “George” had a slapdown witty reply. But I scared George when I asked him if he knew what a wood chipper was.


Vince was the opening act for Ray Romano when he worked the club circuit and LIMBA has asked him to perform in the past. Jim closed the breakfast with some additional songs leaving us all a little more uplifted that the times dictate.


It is a pleasure to have these talented individuals for our otherwise serious forum. I’ll paraphrase a bit here. Man does not live on bread alone; sometimes we need laughs and music. That’s what we had on Friday morning


Enjoy your holidays. These are precious moments

Ernie Fazio


Pictured: Jim Graseck


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