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Harry Davitian, Newly Approved Power Plant

October 29, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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userimage    This morning our guest speaker was Ross Ain. Ross represents Caithness Energy, and has worked closely with LIA board member and president of Entek Power Systems, Harry Davitian. Harry and Ross came this morning equipped with an impressive, and easy to understand presentation. LIMBA”s Treasurer, Bill Miller conducted the meeting.

    The presentation was a discussion of the building of a low emitting power plant in Bellport. The plant will be a 326 Megawatt plant. It is a “combined cycle” plant which means it will be the most energy efficient plant of its kind. The plant also addresses the use of water as coolant. The plant is designed to use 90% less water than a comparable plant using more commonly employed cooling.

    The location of the plant will be close to rail lines and transmission facilities owned by LIPA.

A question on power plant siting legislation came up and was addressed. The question was about “article 10.” Article 10 allows the utility plant to override local rules for the sake of the “greater good.” This plant did not use the provisions of article 10, but was approved by the locality based on the benefits to the community. Those benefits are; improving the tax base, providing construction jobs, and providing operational jobs.


    Caithness won the contract on a competitive bid. Caithness Energy’s representative also discussed the company’s role in wind and solar generating operations.