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Hank Ulrich- Port Security Technology

July 14, 2006 @ 12:00 am EDT


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At this mornings meeting a presentation of port security was given by Hank Ulrich. Hank Ulrich created E2E Consulting (E2E =End to End) to market a technology that he has developed. There are many vulnerable points in the journey of a cargo, the loading dock, the trucks and rail links that take cargo to the ports, the ships and the final destination. Each of these transitions have varying degrees of opportunities for mischief.

There has been relatively little done to protect the ports up until now, but this technology as it is proving out, will be able to track each container that is in transport.

This electronic monitoring device is small. It fits across the locking device on the container and is about the size of a carton of cigarettes. The E2E monitor reads all the cargo in the container. It can detect radiation, but not in a lead shielded environment. However after a cargo has been sealed at the point of origin it will detect any unauthorized opening of the unit, holes being drilled in the container, and any deviation of the predetermined route. Where there is a deviation from the predetermined route a secondary device inside the container reports the position of the container by use of GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) accurately pinpointing the location of the container on the globe to an accuracy of 5 feet. (similar to LoJack)

What is particularly compelling about this technology is that it relatively inexpensive. The insurance companies see this as a theft mitigation device. The cost of installing this equipment could be totally offset by lower cargo premiums.

Mr. Ulrich plans to build the system right here on Long Island. If the E2E company can add jobs, and contribute to the local, while protecting our ports, I would say that this is a win all around