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Fuel Cell Technology, John Francescina

October 5, 2007 @ 12:00 am EDT


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John Franceschina of Fuel Cell Energy spoke on the use of major size fuel cells that his company builds. John Eff of Long Island Energy Partners wrote the report. Here is John’s report;
On Friday October 5, attendees at the weekly LIMBA meeting were treated to a very informative presentation by John Franceschina of Fuel Cell Energy. Fuel Cell Energy, located in Danbury, Ct  is a manufacturer and installer of Fuel Cells. Fuel Cells generate electrical and thermal energy from a chemical

reaction with the introduction of a source fuel such as natural gas. Mr Franceschina presented the advantages of fuel cell technology and how Fuel Cell Energy’s stationery cells can help Long Island increase electric supply while decreasing the carbon footprint. The commercially available products come in several size ranges for various market applications such as hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, waste water treatment plants, large hotels and colleges and universities. Numerous installations have been in operation across the country. Coupled with 90% availability, low emissions,and low noise, fuel cells can be the commercially "green" technology sited easily.

–John Eff