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Frank McKay National Leader of the Independence Party

July 13, 2012 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Our LIMBA speaker this morning was Frank McKay. Frank has a wealth of knowledge about politics, but he is far from one-dimensional. His varied experiences in music, communications and politics give him the ability to weave an interesting story. He is the national chairman of the Independence Party. The Independence Party is still small compared to the Democrats and Republicans, but it is the largest “third party” in the country and they are established in every state in the union. There influence is much larger than their physical size. Locally it is difficult to win an election in either party without the endorsement of the Independence Party. The party endorses Republicans and Democrats with no special loyalty to either one.

Frank did not create the party but he is credited with making it the force that it is. When questioned about the philosophy of the party, Frank told us that they are not at all involved with social issues. Gay marriage, abortion rights, and other social issues that a candidate may promote are not part of the litmus test that determines the support of a candidate. When they look at a prospective officeholder overall effectiveness is judged. The party has been criticized for not having the constricting viewpoints that other parties demand. In other words they have no catechism. He said some refer to them as the “Seinfeld Party”

In his interesting raconteur style McKay told of encounters with colorful political people he has had contact with. Among them was Mike Blumberg who he tried to lure into the last presidential race. Blumberg assured him that if he thought there was a real possibility that he was prepared to commit $2 billion to a nationwide race

Beyond politics, Frank’s enjoys communicating. He has a television interview show called “Turning Point” The programs are created in Out of The Box Studios in Bohemia and air an NBC affiliate and will soon go to a few NPR markets. The topics vary but politics and scientific discoveries are among the topics. The tapings avoid the news items of the day or local disasters in order to retain an “evergreen” nature. In other words a show produced today may have a long shelf life and can be shown in different parts of the country, and in different times of the year. For example you’ll hear no references to the snowstorm they fought getting into the studio. Recently we taped an interview with Maglev inventors Drs Gordon Danby, James Powell.

This was a particularly animated and informative meeting where the audience and the speaker remained and continued to chat for about a half hour.