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Frank MacKay, National Chair of the Independence Party

April 9, 2010 @ 12:00 am EDT


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LIMBA Meeting Recap – April 9, 2010 – Frank MacKay, National Chairman of the Independence Party of America

On this rainy spring morning, we were treated to a master class in Political Science by Frank MacKay, the leader of the Independence party.  The goal of the party is to become the third Major party in the USA.  Lest the audience scoff at their goal, Frank opened his talk by suggesting we turn our time machine back to 2008, and ask: would anyone have guessed correctly who today would be the President or Governor of New York.

The  rapidly changing nature of politics and the electorate feeds MacKay’s confidence that the events necessary for the party to achieve national prominence will present themselves at some point in the near future.  The current disaffection of the populace from the two major parties feeds the membership ranks of the Independence party.  Frank’s talk was wide ranging and covered many areas of interest, ballot access, the New York gubernatorial race, focusing on the conditions that need to line up in order for Steve Levy to run in the general election as a Republican candidate.  Some of the aspects of election law in New York were covered, such as the necessity of a party to get 50,000 votes for its candidates to survive and maintain a line on the New York State ballot.

This fed into lessons in candidate endorsement techniques and timing by parties and a lot of “inside Baseball” talk about the current machinations around what the rest of the parties in New York are doing in the gubernatorial race. The possibility of Mike Bloomberg emerging as a Presidential candidate was discussed, along with the general conditions necessary for the party to field a Presidential candidate, Bloomberg or not.

It was again, a very-well spent morning learning about the mechanics of electoral politics from a well-versed speaker.  This is the stuff that generates what you read in the newspapers and the people behind the scenes come to LIMBA and educate us on topics that genuinely affect our lives.  LIMBA shows how to make a difference and introduces you to the folks that can generate momentum and effect change in our lives, in business, politics, and the environment.  Get out of the house early on a Friday morning. Join us for breakfast and get educated.