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Fishbat Social Media Workshop

February 21, 2014 @ 12:00 am EST


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Friday’s meeting was a good overview of modern communication in business. The meeting was dubbed Business Bootcamp and it was the first of several that we will be hosting. Our visiting experts were the principals of Fishbat. Fishbat prides itself with being attuned to effective ways to communicate services and products of its clients to their target market through the use of digital media.

Jennifer Calise and Clay Darrohn were the presenters and one of their first things they mentioned was the precision of the message is beyond anything that could have been done in years gone by. We now have the ability to target market our commercial messages in a digital forward media to an audience that will probably be interested. The example they gave was a restaurant that wanted to reach a certain age segment in a limited radius. If you want to reach an audience that is between the ages of 25 and 55 because you have statistics that indicate that this age segment tends to eat out, you can do that.  You can refine your criteria in numerous ways to make sure your efforts are received by the people who might want your services.

Clay and Jennifer went into some detail on the use of Facebook and other vehicles that you can enlist to make your campaign more successful. During the Q&A specific questions were posed that were answered by our presenters. The message in the room was that we are living in a truly different environment and that environment is constantly changing.

Using the various tools that we have at our disposal our campaigns to create an efficient stream of business has improved. Understanding those tools with all the possibilities as well as limitations are essential to launching and sustaining a business campaign.

Our meeting was sponsored by Matrix Corporate Park and they generously donated two 50 inch flat screen TV’s for door prizes. Our winners were Merrill Zorn from Zorn’s Catering and Chris Banks from Brookhaven Memorial Hospital. Congratulations!

This program was largely the efforts of Michelle Zere. Great job, Michelle! I also want to thank Annette Krauss and Ken Nevor for helping Bill Miller with the registration desk

Our next two meetings are;

 March 7th – Richard Margulis, President of Brookhaven Memorial Hospital

March 21stSteve Levy and NY Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick – Cost Effective Government

Ernie Fazio