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Ed Romaine-GOP Candidate Brookhaven Supv

September 14, 2012 @ 12:00 am EDT


Our speaker this morning was Ed Romaine. Mr. Romaine has been in county government as a legislator, a 5 times elected County Clerk, and in recent years he returned to the legislature.


With the vacancy created when Brookhaven Town Supervisor resigned to lead Accelerate Long Island, The GOP asked Mr. Romaine to run for the position, and Ed accepted.


The funding of government services was addressed by Romaine. The practice of one-time fixes such as selling off assets has no sustainability. The real sacrifices that must be made are difficult but needed.


When Mr. Lesko made his budget he made substantial cuts on items that he called "non-essential." Romaine disagrees with some of those service cuts that Lesko termed non-essential.


Looking at the revenue side there are landfill fees and mortgage taxes. Romaine wants to explore the possibility of using the methane gasses produced by the landfill. He is very much in favor of alternative energy produced by wind and solar and this could be part of that mix of energy production.


"It is difficult to tie together a region that is so spread out with public transportation" Brookhaven is physically the largest county in the country, and the population is the second largest. That statement brought us to the topic of The Ronkonkoma Hub. By concentrating residential, business and industrial components in close proximity to each other, it is easier to serve that community with transportation, power, and sewers.


As far as sewers are concerned there has been much trepidation by the county in building sewers due to the Southwest Sewer District scandal of the 70’s. Today where there are sewers they are isolated from each other and many by now are old and failing. Mr. Romaine thinks we should recreate a large-scale sewer district under a single management team. This way efficiency of scale can be achieved and quality standards can be applied.


There are several goals that Romaine has in mind and they range from rail infrastructure to more emphasis on vocational training, such as that provided by BOCES


Business can be given incentives by tax abatements, IDA loans, and allowing industrial density, and Romaine said he would bring those incentives about.


During the Q&A portion I asked Dr. Matt Cordaro to comment on the experience he had as the president of Nashville Electric Nashville where they consolidated several layers of government into one more efficient body. According to Cordaro approvals for major work was facilitated by this structure of government


Ernie Fazio



September 14, 2012
12:00 am EDT