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Dr Sam Stanley – Pres.of SUNY Stony Brook TBC Nat Grid Spons

October 18, 2013 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Our speaker this morning at LIMBA was Dr. Samuel Stanley, president of SUNY Stony Brook. We asked him to speak about the economic impact of the university. Dr Stanley brought with him two of the contact people that could assist the business community in doing business with the institution.

Stanley began by discussing the funding which has come under pressure lately but he had an optimistic report that allowed savings in personnel and learned efficiencies to enable the school to grow with only modest tuition increases.

Once funding problems are solved planning becomes easier. In the plans are a net 250 new faculty members, but these faculty people will be doing mostly research and that means that money to fund those individuals will be forthcoming, and those pursuits tend to generate more funding This adds the economic strength of the region.

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Work is being done on Smart Grid Technology, Energy Efficiency, and Coastal Management. These efforts are essential to residents, business, tourism, and commuting.

There are two new medical building being built one of them will be a $220 million dollar investment. This is a very large construction job, but the finished product will generate many permanent jobs.

Stony Brook’s education mission is aligned with science and technology and that in and by itself very important, but the university maintains a theater, The Staller Center. It has a stadium and an active sports program. All of these assets help funnel assets into the local economy.

The Q&A that came after Sam’s formal remarks was interesting too. It was a fast moving back and forth that allowed a lot of the people in the audience to take part. Dr Stanley adeptly handled each question with a level of confidence that we expect of someone with his background. We were not disappointed.

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Thank you Ken Nevor Anna Krause, and Anna Marie Woodroof for helping with the meeting registration and greeting the guests.

This meeting was sponsored Ray Homberger and National Grid