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Dr Matt Cordaro, Dean of College of Management, LIU

August 11, 2006 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Dr Cordaro, Dean of the School of Management at LIU, gave us an overview of the courses that are being offerred at the LIU, which included criminal justice, social work, and not for profit. But that was the usual list of special training. What I thought was more interesting and important was the approach to teaching at the graduate level.


Matt spoke of accreditation. Accreditation is a big item, and standards are adhered to, to create the quality of education that is widely respected. Universities on Long Island are very competitive. Most of them are keenly aware of the need to excel.  According to Cordaro, this results in lifting the standards of all schools.


The MBA oriented “Accelerated International Business Program” is a concept that I thought was particularly interesting. The IABP is a one year program  beginning at the Post campus, continuing in London, and completing in Paris. It is easy to see why a program such as this would be popular. This is the kind of innovation that teaches a lot more than the formal course work.


There is  globalization of education has students coming from all over the world. There is also cooperation in teaching. There is a US and China university program that results in a diploma being issued from both LIU and the Chinese counterpart.


Cordaro spoke about the “non traditional” student. The older person, the retired person, and the otherwise fully employed. Accommodating these students is challenging, but there are courses available to them, and they are not only are taught in the evening, but Saturdays and Sundays. There are also on-site programs that are being developed for large companies, and these programs have been around for some time. As our lives, and perception of our needs continue to change, these programs are expanding and becoming more numerous. 


One of my questions to Matt was; How does higher education teach “common sense”? I was surprised to hear that common sense is a consideration. And while being a rote student may lead to high marks, a good education requires a sense of all things, in total being considered.


When Dr Cordaro has spoken at LIMBA in the past the topic was electrical energy. We didn’t let him go without him addressing at least one question. According to Cordaro, LIPA has done a good job of increasing the amount of available power. He feels they have fallen short of the mark when it comes to cycling out old transformers and other infrastructure. The system is vulnerable because this kind of maintenance must be on schedule, or failures will come with the stress of hot weather appears.


Pictured: Mike DeLouise, Dowling College, Terry Townsend, Dowling College, Dr. Matthew Cordaro, our speaker From LI University