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Dr Jon Gibralter Pres, Farmingdale Univ.

January 28, 2005 @ 12:00 am EST


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Today’s speaker was Dr
Jonathan Gibralter, President of Farmingdale State University. Farmingdale was
an agricultural school, as times and needs changed, so did the
The school has adopted many new programs, and redirected it’s
focus to technologies that are needed for today’s world. At the same time
standards for admission have been made more stringent.  Remarkably this
approach has increased the size of the student body. Among the programs that
were strengthened was the aviation program. The school now has 13 aircraft to
use in the pilot training course.

The automotive development has been
created under a program with Diamler Chrysler. The automotive field is now high
tech. It is appropriate that the technology be taught at the university level.
This is the approach that is used in Europe, and Germany in particular.

Farmingdale, under Dr. Gibralter’s lead has built a strong relationship
with the business community. Medical innovator OSI, maintains offices in the Bio
Science Complex. The Bio- Science facilities are a big success and phase II is
going forward.

We had a lively Q&A and I know that the questions
could have gone on longer, but in keeping with a certain amount of disciple we
had to end it, more or less on time.