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Dan Walsh, President of the Business Council, NY State

May 14, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Dan Walsh, President of The Business Council of NY was our speaker this morning at LIMBA. Dan is an advocate for the business community and has a multitude of issues to deal with.

Our meeting was too short to fully explain the scope of the Council mission, but he did talk about the need for reform of the state pension system that forces the expenditure of make up funds when the investments suffer a large downturn as has happened in recent years.

Another item discussed this morning were the electric line that the state of Connecticut has made unavailable to Long Island. We also discussed the murky politics behind that move by CT

Dan brought up the educational funding around the state and called for a comprehensive agreement instead of the piecmeal arrangements that wastes time and sometimes unfairly allocate funds.

The Council also handles tax issues, Workers Comp. safety regulations, and other major issues. While in a forum such as ours it is not possible to get to all the issues, the audience got a taste.