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Congressman Hon. Tim Bishop

September 12, 2014 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Congressman Tim Bishop was our guest speaker this morning and he began with telling us how difficult it was for many people in that body to embrace compromise.


He gave this example: One of the tools of international business that many smaller firms rely on is the Import/ Export Bank. This government entity facilitates international trade. Renewing Import-Export Bank is routinely handled in Congress because it is popular in both parties. In addition it produces revenues for the government. Why is it being delayed or blocked? Who knows?


LIMBA asked Mr. Bishop to address the prospects of going to war. He responded by telling the audience that ISIS is a complex and dangerous enemy. He stated the president was correct when he emphasized the enemy was not the Muslims but the terrorists." This is not a sectarian war" Bishop said. "In fact most of the victims of this war are Muslims." He told us that the president is leaning on the moderate states in the region to ultimately quell this mayhem.


The congressman went on to speak on the agenda items that need to be addressed. Immigration reform, infrastructure, and unemployment insurance will not be completed in this congress. Mr. Bishop lamented the ability to compromise and both parties at various times have been guilty, but this congresses record is the worst in history.


However the congressman did give us one example that was successful. That was the "Water Reconstruction Planning."


During the Q&A portion he was asked why we could not tie adequate spending on veteran’s health and education to any new war efforts, so returning soldiers are not neglected.


Bishop welcomed that question because that was one area where the congress was successful. In New York State the tuition rate is pegged at the highest state school level, which is $16,000 per year. "Any soldier that wants to pursue a college education will have the funds." He also stated that the healthcare funds have been dramatically increased, and he added more has to be done.


He was also was asked why we are saddled with "Common Core" standards mandated by congress. He made a factual correction on the question saying that the Common Core program was not mandated by congress, but a measurable standard was mandated. It turned out to be Common Core and he told us that the role-out of the program was deeply flawed. On the other hand the Common Core goals were met in other states with a high degree of success.


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