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Charles Wang- The Lighthouse Development

November 7, 2008 @ 12:00 am EST


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This morning our speaker was Paul Lancey, Senior VP of The Lighthouse Development Group. The proposed building of a large multi-use site at what is sometimes referred to as the “Nassau Hub” has impressed many, and at the same time caused others to object.


Mr. Lancey went through the various elements of the plan, which included the central part of this vision. A modernization and renovated of the Nassau Coliseum, residences of varying cost and size that can be purchased and a sizeable number of rental apartments.


There is, as part of the plan to have addedional office space in the mix. These offices would lend themselves to use by people occupying the residential section.  There will be open recreational areas, a canal with architecturally appealing bridges. The canal will have a promenade with café’s adjacent the canal to accommodate outdoor dining in good weather.


There will be a sports oriented business center devoted to fitness, sports medicine, and sports technical equipment. These sports oriented businesses will be useful to the surrounding universities and the professional sports teams located at the coliseum


All of the infrastructure will be tied together by being a generally walkable 150 acre complex. In addition it will be served by buses. The need for transportation links to the Long Island Railroad has not been included in the plan, but it is apparent that a light rail connector would greatly enhance the overall plan.


This proposal has been around for about 5 years and though it has been modified somewhat to answer the concerns of critics, but it still has not come to fruition. The frustration of the developers was apparent in the presentation.