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Brookhaven Supervisor, Brian Foley

October 12, 2007 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This week, 10/12, our speaker was Town of Brookhaven Supervisor, Brian Foley. Mr Foley began by telling us that the Town of Brookhaven has taken the position that they must be business friendly. Good projects will be assisted by the towns planning department. Where the town employees can assist in cutting red tape, they will. The NY State Empire Zone was begun under a previous administration. It is being preserved and expanded by the Foley team.
The Town has inaugurated a system that tracks requests and makes sure that inquiries for assistance are properly routed. That system has helped builders and developers get things approved or rejected quickly to save time and money. where and when follow-up is needed it happens.
The issue of the "Ferries for Homeland Security" was brought up and a copy of LIMBA’s proposal on that project was given to the Supervisor ( a copy is attached). We asked if the Town could support our efforts and the economic development officer, Ray Donnelly, said it would be looked at favorably.
We also suggested that having LIPA sell power to Gershow recycling would have a beneficial effect on air quality. There are issues with that request that are presently being dealt with.
(We held this meeting on the premises of Tradewinds Environmenta Restoration. We thank them for their hospitality)