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Broadwater-Liquified Natural Gas Depot

February 25, 2005 @ 12:00 am EST


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This morning, despite the snow we had our regular Friday morning meeting. We ordered a cake to celebrate Paul Townsend’s birthday. Paul and Terry could not get out of their driveway, so we wished him a happy birthday in absentia..

The topic was the Broadwater proposal to create a liquefied natural gas depot in Long Island Sound.
John Hritcko, who is the spokesperson for this effort, asked for us all to keep an open mind. Let the process unfold and explore the pros and cons. was essentially his message.

John discussed the history of this technology which goes back forty years. In that forty years there has never been a failure of any system in place in the entire world. Presently there are four LNG installations operating in the United States. All of these LNG operations are on land, which pose a larger risk to population than a platform 9 miles from the closest shore. According to Hritcko the Broadwater facility will be so far away from shore that even the worst case scenario would not be a threat to anyone on Long Island.

I posed the worst case scenario to Mr. Hritcko. I asked what if a “Kohl” type attack Took place, what would happen. According to John the ship would have a double hull that would be a much less vulnerable than the Kohl. In the event that the hull was penetrated the liquid natural gas would quickly change from a liquid state to a gas. The gas is lighter than the ambient air and would rise. The rising gas would probably ignite creating a spectacular flame, but there would be no explosion. And there would be no effect on Long Island.

John pointed out that there is a need that for diversification of supply, and that by increasing supply there would be a downward pressure on the price of natural gas. He also noted that because the facility would be offshore, real estate taxes would not have to be paid. Nevertheless Broadwater would pay a voluntary tax to the surrounding local governments.

Two weeks ago we had a presentation on repowereing Long Island’ generators. While repowering is very attractive, it wont happen without a substantial increase in gas supply. Broadwater would easily create the supply needed for those projects.

Next week out topic is “rehabilitating brownfields” Michael Posillico of Bluewater Environmental, will make that presentation.