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Bob Yaro, Pres, Regional Plan Association

September 15, 2006 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Our speaker was supposed to be the president of the Regional Plan Association, Bob Yaro. Unfortunately he could not attend but was successful in finding another person in the organization to make a John Adkins, who leads the RPA efforts in Connecticut was our speaker instead.


In June the RPA convened a mayors conference that took place at Adelphi. That conference was very enlightening to the mayors of Long Island. Mayor Paul Pontieri of Patchogue was in the room today and he had attended that conference. Mr Pontieri offerred that the conference was useful in seeing how other villages approached various problems. Each village has its own quirks and traditions but there are always some things that transcend. I suggested that a broader spectrum of the population be asked to participate in an open forum that would address many issues of planning, and LIMBA should host such a meeting. Having a good idea of what may be done will give the people who have the trainning in planning, to create what is perceived as being needed. I asked Mr. Adkins to bring that thought to the RPA board, and be one of the major players.


Mr. Adkins limited his remarks to a few chosen subjects, but we did spend some time on an important LIMBA goal, enhancing rail freight. The RPA is enthusiastic about Congressman Nadler’s proposed cross harbor rail tunnel. He also thought the freight transload centers were a reasonable answer to the problem of abandoned rail spurs.


The RPA is predicting 4 million new people in the tri-state region over the next 20 years, therefor the emphasis on transportation is in the forefront. Of course another LIMBA initiative, the Shreham to New Haven ferry is an important part of those efforts. These projects are needed for the economy and the environment, and now with Homeland Security at risk, they are imperitive.