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Assemblyman Steve Englebright

July 30, 2004 @ 12:00 am EDT


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Our invited speaker this morning was Assemblyman Steve Englebright. We opened the meeting while we were waiting for Steve to arrive. Mr. Englebright was caught in traffic that was caused by a policeman’s funeral. In the meantime we began to discuss the logjam in Albany. Fortunately we had some expertise in the audience in the person of good friend, and LIMBA board member Bob Gaffney. We had an interesting give and take between us, discussing what is essentially a dysfunctional, or if you prefer, a broken system.

When Steve Englebright did enter the room, he offered additional insights and added greatly to the discussion.

We still do not have a budget, and the rancor in Albany from the powers that benefit from this dysfunctionality are in no mood to work for the benefit of the people. The problem lies with the hold the governor and the leadership have over the senate and the assembly. By having the governor and the leadership control the funding to the various assembly districts, the legislators dance to the tune of the music, or else.

At this point there is a feeling that the situation is headed to open revolt.. In any event we are not being properly served. As it turns out this is not a partisan problem. This is raw power politics, and they should be told, we are not happy.

So what started out as a meeting without a speaker, turned out to be a most interesting and enlightening morning. My thanks to all who participated.

New members this week include Sue Hanley from Baldassano Architects and, Gerry Fitzpatrick from Harley Ship Builders(SES Logistics & Marketing)