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Anthony Caserta-“Evacuating Long Island”

April 21, 2006 @ 12:00 am EDT


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This morning’s presentation dealt with the possible need to evacuate Long Island. This would be particularly difficult if the bridges and tunnels were not accessible. In the case of a tsunami the water may rise to the point where none of the bridge approaches would be passable because all of them are close to sea level.

Tony Caserta, a professional  engineer with a wide experience in designing and building innovative designs, proposed a solution. His 35 years experience as an engineer with Grumman gives him a credibility that supports his projections. He  has proposed a vehicle that would be a school bus, but would have the unique ability to allow the lower sides of the bus to spread out and act as pontoons. Inside these pontoons would be an engine in each pontoon.
The premise is that there is no more a ubiquitous vehicle on Long Island than a school bus (estimated 7,000 in use). The vehicle would have a land speed of 60 m/p/h on land and a top speed of 24 knots on water. The fact that these vehicles are more or less evenly dispersed across the island and that everyone knows where the local school is lends to the attractiveness of this idea. The vehicle can operate as a land vehicle until it reaches the waters edge and instantly convert to its marine mode. Flooded streets are no obstacle either since the flooded street would become a launch ramp. Established launch ramps at the waters edge are available right now but would we would have to create a few more.

In the event that re supplying LI and not evacuation was the needed purpose, the fold down seats would create a large cargo bed. Mr Caserta’s company Inspecto Corp- Pontiphian Division recently received some funding for the idea, and a prototype will be built.

There were several people in the room that could have something to add in terms of the products they sell. Gerry Fitzpatrick represents Harley shipbuilding.and offerred his hull configuration as part of the pontoon design. Roger Ulanoff offerred his services as a video creator.