Ernest Fazio


LIMBA Co-Chair

Ernie Fazio began his career in the Coast Guard and then worked for AT&T. His first role in leadership came when he was elected as regional steward in the CWA union at age 24 and attended Queens College at night.
Fazio earned his living in insurance since 1970. In 1974 Ernie became closely associated with Long
Island Business News editor, Paul Townsend, where he assisted Townsend on various pursuits and
objectives among them were advocating electrification of the Ronkonkoma LIRR line and the high-speed ferry to New Haven which never came to pass. Under the leadership of Grumman VP Dick Dunne, Fazio participated in the “Use it or lose it” campaign to keep Islip MacArthur Airport open when it was underutilized.
Fazio built a reputation of being an influential voice for various Long Island Association committees including Transportation, Small Business, Infrastructure and Energy.
“Ernestly Speaking” ( was the name he dubbed for his one hour per week radio show which aired on WHPC, WLIX, and later on JVC Radio for collectively 20 years.
As a writer he was a contributor to several local newspapers on insurance matters and community issues. A proponent of Maglev transportation he Co-authored “Maglev America” with the inventors, Drs. Danby and Powell. Fazio also created hundreds of short essays celebrating important holiday events.
His efforts and his knowledge of the local needs won him the “Front Page Award” in 1995 from Long Island Business News. Later he was given the prestigious “Spirit of Long Island Award” by LIA President Matt Crosson. For several years during the 90’s he was named as one of Long Islands 100 most influential.

Post retirement Fazio was asked to lead LIMBA in March 2002.