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LIMBA believes in keeping close ties with local, state and national governments. We often feature speakers from all levels of government to help keep us informed and promote a healthy dialog about Long Island’s most important issues.


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LIMBA is in favor of improving and strengthening Long Island’s aging infrastructure, including local roads and bridges.



Due to the high cost of living on Long Island, younger people are deciding not to live here. To help combat this situation and the resulting ‘brain drain’ LIMBA is in favor of building affordable, multi-unit housing complexes throughout the island.



We support the transition to non-polluting energy alternatives. Cost and availability of alternate sources of energy have become more financially viable. We support the building of wind and solar projects where they do not destroy greenspace.


image education

LIMBA supports continued investment in primary and secondary education, particularly in science, technology, engineering and math. We enjoy a close relationship with school board representatives and local college representatives.


Long Island Expressway

LIMBA is a strong proponent of addtional transportation lines to relieve the bottleneck of traffic going though New York City.

  • Homeland Security Access to Long Island via New Ferry systems to Connecticut (Shoreham to New Haven)
  • A Third track on the LIRR mainline to accommodate freight and improve reverse commute
  • The East End Reliever, a combined rail and express highway on present LIRR right-of-way